By working with a variety of suppliers and acquirers, Xtra Payments have a greater range of terminal solutions than normally available going to your bank preferred supplier.

There are a lot of new solutions on the market, and your terminal no longer has to be ‘dumb’.  Android devices are available and can greatly change how your business operates and help you be more efficient, gather marketing data and feedback on your terminals, and fully integrate with your EPOS.

  • PSTN (phone line/dial up), WiFi, GPRS/3G, or Bluetooth portable.

  • Terminals therefore can help to work with your environment rather than against it.


Do you work 50 weeks of the year at a venue, and 2 weeks on the road at another venue – not a problem!

Do you have issues with broadband reliability and drop out – not a problem!

Do you require terminals to be integrated – we can work with a large number of integrated solutions or provide new equipment which can also be integrated. 


We aim to understand your business, the benefits available from the different technology, and tailor our solutions to fit you. 

Depending on your EPOS and solutions, this could be anything from a simple fixed device, to running your full EPOS through the new terminal.  Whatever works best for you, your staff, your customers, and driving your business forward.