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Our terminals are ready to process payments in the safest
possible way.

•In the new landscape the ability to easily clean your device for the confidence and safety of both your staff and customers is vitally important.

•By working with a variety of suppliers and acquirers, Xtra Payments have a greater range of terminal solutions than normally available going to your bank preferred supplier.  We can offer pin on screen devices which are both more aesthetically pleasing, but also easily sanitised, as well as traditional devices

•Fixed portable and mobile devices to help queue busting and allow for social distancing

•Many of our devices can be integrated to your EPOS to further improve the payment experience and reduce the amount of staff and customer interaction

Card machines / Terminals

BYOD, Contactless and Cashless Behaviours

Providing solutions in a changing world

Cash is becoming less popular with all age groups.  Cash accounted for 28.5% of transaction volume in the UK in 2018. In contrast, cards were responsible for 48.9% of transaction volume.

During lockdowns, the inability to get to a bank or cashpoint has fuelled a dramatic increase in card usage, helped with the pushing up of the contactless limit.  Average transaction values and spends have increased in all sectors which have been able to remain open, and the wide use of Applepay, Android Pay and other NFC technologies makes it easier than ever before to spend money without seeing the immediate impact on your finances.

With the financial questions many are faced with, it’s expected there will be a move back from Debit to Credit card as many look to use all available finance available to them.  Your solutions must be enabled for both Contactless payments, but in many verticals, the ability for the consumer to not even touch a payment device will be beneficial

Consumers have expected or insisted on the ability to pay by card out of necessity and supported by governments in the rhetoric to the public.  A preference for reduced human contact will surely lead to an increase in solutions such as self-service, BYOD (bring your own device), and more traditional eCommerce.

To order from your restaurant like Just East; to order outside and socially distance without queuing; or to Click and Collect whilst in store; all are viable and likely new behaviours

Savings - Merchant Services / Card processing

Looking after and getting you the best deal.

Costs sadly will be a major concern for many businesses moving forward, made even clearer by COVID 19.  Xtra Payments’ goal is deliver savings as well as strong solutions, helping your business bounce back from the pandemic as much as possible.

Gone are the days where you have to have your bank provide your card processing.   We work with a variety of providers to get you the best deal possible.  Card processing is often seen as a very simple and binary function, sadly this is rarely the case.  Many providers have complex systems of rates and fees – understanding how and where suppliers differ and vary is crucial to getting the best offer.  Many providers can often uplift costs based on non secure or NQ rates, premium charges, CNP fees, or international costs – often overcharged on CNP and eCommerce – key at this time to be in control of.

•We act as an independent agent allowing us to work with multiple parties to find the best deal for you. 

•We can assess your statements and processing methods in full, and provide feedback on how to reduce charges.

•We can provide clear and cogent comparisons of your current solutions, costs and processing. 

•Understanding of multiple sectors allows us to tailor our approach and how the fees and costs will be applied accordingly.

•Access to interchange plus and interchange plus plus (IC+ and IC++) pricing can often deliver additional benefits.  Many providers do not have access to this or understand the benefits of this approach, but in some instances this is preferential

eCommerce and Mail Order/Telephone Order – more sales and security

68% of large SME’s (>50 employees) feel that the ability to handle online payments is more important to them now, compared with 38% in smaller SME’s (≤10 employees).  Either way, it’s clear this is a growing trend and this had already been an ever growing sector.  This was a sector which grew in 2019 by 6.7%, to £476bn per annum.

If your business does not have an online presence in some form you will be missing out on a number of sales, exacerbated in the COVID pandemic.  Many could be shielding for some time to come and need deliveries and web services to access your business. Our solutions enable:

•Integration to a number of shopping carts or a network of suitable web developers to help you get online

•Ability to work with a number of payment gateways to deliver headline savings to support your business at this time

•Tokenisation – one click payments – allow repeat and loyal customers to pay with ease

•Restful API integrations – slick and faster integrations perfect for mobile providing cost effective alternatives to PayPal and Stripe

•Payment link URL – turn your MOTO transactions into 3D Secure – make them more secure and prevent fraud

•A cost centred approach not penalising your business with cumbersome and costly premium, non secure, NQ, CNP or other methods for increasing costs for these payments methods


Struggling to get a payment solution, or operating in a high risk environment. Not a problem, we have the answers





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